Take a second to look at the pictures under. What do you discover? What do you marvel? Maintain observe of your concepts on the Olives and Antioxidants Worksheet.

Phenomenon #1

Left: Olive pomace, and olive oil byproduct. Proper: Asphalt created from 100% bio-mixture of olive oil byproduct. Credit score: Selina Wang

Did you discover that the fabric within the left picture has related coloring to the fabric in the suitable picture? Olive pomace (materials within the left picture) was added to the paving materials in the suitable picture. Not fairly what you’ll anticipate in paving materials, proper? Why would you add olives to highway paving materials?

Phenomenon #2
Check out the gathering of pictures under. What do you discover and marvel about every? What would possibly they’ve in widespread?

An image of hands touching dyed fabric, a picture of cracked pavement, an image of a browning avocado, and an image of french fries in a frying basket being browned
Growing old arms, cracked concrete, browning avocado, and french fries being fried. What do these pictures have in widespread? Credit score (clockwise from higher left): belodarova through 123rf, juver123 through 123rf, YuanruLi through iStock, jaboo2foto through iStock

You might need discover shade modifications, wrinkles, and cracks. What may be inflicting that to occur? Properly, that is all associated to why we’d use olive pomace in highway paving. Let’s discover this phenomenon additional by wanting on the totally different properties of vegetation like olives and the way they or their byproducts can be utilized to unravel real-world issues.

Oxidation Exercise

Like we mentioned earlier than, the smashed olives should be added to the roads for a motive, however what’s that motive? What’s the drawback that the olives are getting used to unravel? What properties of the olives are contributing to the road-building materials? To determine this out, we’re going to analyze different meals that share properties with olives, to see if we will uncover their widespread traits.

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First, take a second to create a mannequin in your Olives and Antioxidants Worksheet that explains your present concepts about what may be occurring with our olives and cement. When you can, work with another person and examine your fashions. Are there concepts that you just would possibly need to incorporate from that dialogue?


Olives And Antioxidants Worksheet

Small piece of milk chocolate (10-50%) (one per pupil)

Small piece of darkish chocolate (50-90%) (one per pupil)

Lemon juice (1 tsp per group)

Apples-sliced into circle slices (3 per group)

Paper plates

Water (1 tsp per group)


After studying how antioxidants have an effect on meals browning, let’s see what meals wealthy in antioxidants can do for our pores and skin. Take notes in your worksheet at you watch the video.

Reflection Questions

  • your proof, what are you able to now clarify about our unique phenomenon?
  • Revise your mannequin to elucidate why including olive mash to cement may be useful.
  • Brainstorm different methods antioxidants may be used to assist remedy issues.

So What Is Going On? Antioxidants At Work!

Selina Wang is a Meals Chemist on the Olive Middle on the College of California in Davis. In a single space of her lab’s analysis, Need research totally different meals that comprise antioxidants like chocolate, grapes, and olives. Olive oil has many well being advantages, together with being excessive in antioxidants.

Dr. Selina Wang is wearing safety goggles and a white lab coat and purple latex gloves, and is holding up and looking into a beaker with dark liquid in it
Dr. Selina Wang in her laboratory. Credit score: Selina Wang

All olives develop on timber. Olive oil is created from grinding up olives, letting them sit for a bit, after which extracting the oil that’s fashioned. Here’s a image of the olive mash that’s left behind after the oil is extracted; it’s referred to as pomace. Solely 20% of the olive is utilized in olive oil! What occurs to the remaining? Olive pomace continues to be full of a ton of antioxidants, so Selina Wang is working to seek out methods we will use it to unravel a spread of issues. As a part of her efforts, she partnered with a cement firm. After grinding up the pomace to a wonderful texture, they add it to their cement for highway paving. Are you able to guess what the antioxidants left within the olive pomace are doing to the roads?

Photo looks down into two beakers with dark brown-green sludge that is chopped up olive pomace, a byproduct of the olive oil making process
Olive pomace, and olive oil byproduct. Credit score: Selina Wang

Simply because the antioxidants within the lemon juice stored your apple from browning, the antioxidants within the olive pomace are stopping the roads from cracking. How cool is that?!

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Antioxidants infographic. Credit score: Danny Miller

Supply: ScienceFriday